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Albertans Optimistic About Debt Except When It Comes To Unexpected Expenses

According to an Ipsos survey conducted on behalf of MNP LTD., the majority of Albertans feel they can cover next year’s living expenses without incurring more, despite concern about mounting consumer debt in Canada.

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A recent study by Ipsos on behalf of MNP LTD underscores the anxiety British Columbians are feeling about the strain higher rates will place on their finances.

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Interest Rate Increase Strains Canadian Households

Early in July, the Bank of Canada’s first interest-rate hike in seven years set in motion a complex unwinding of a near-decade-long era of easy money via consumer debt.

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Economic Uncertainty Troublesome For Canadian Debtholders

For thousands of Canadians across the country, it’s no secret to hear that our national economy is facing an uncertain future.

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Higher Interest Rates Force Albertans To Rethink Debt

With economists predicting another increase before the year is out, Canadians should begin bracing themselves for some significant changes now before it’s too late.

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What Is A Voluntary Deposit

Voluntary deposit is a judicial process used in Québec to restructure a debt repayment. It is legislated in the Québec Code of Civil Procedure.

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Increased Interest Rates Could Spell Disaster For Canadians In Debt

With banks offering consumers a record amount of credit in recent years, Canadian households will face tough times ahead if they aren’t able to reduce their debt loads.

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Survey Results August 2017

Record Debt And Rising Interest Rates Fuel Worry Among Canadians

After a near decade long streak of low borrowing costs and easy credit from banks, Canadians are carrying record levels of debt.

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Higher Interest Rates Raise Anxiety Among Canadian Debtholders

Increased interest rates are supposed to signal an improving economy.

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