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National Corporate Insolvency Firm, MNP Ltd., Expands Team Through Merger with The Bowra Group

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Class Action Claims

Class action lawsuits are a complex and intensive process that requires a thorough approach and a keen eye for detail. As claims administrator, MNP acts as an impartial third party to disburse settlements arising from a class action. Our team offers a range of services that provide support from the planning, straight through delivery and reporting phases of the process.

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Corporate Engagements

MNP Corporate Engagements is an information source for those with interests in businesses where MNP is currently acting as a formal monitor, receiver, interim receiver, liquidator or Licensed Insolvency Trustee of a bankruptcy or proposal.

Assets for Sale

Click below to view a list of assets available for sale to various insolvency proceedings.

Class Action Claims Administration

The claims administrator performs a critical function in the class action settlement process. As an impartial third party, MNP disburses settlements to affected parties in accordance with agreed and court-approved terms.

Debtor Services

MNP's Corporate Recovery & Restructuring professionals will outline all of your options so you can select a solution that is right for your business.

Creditor Services

Our Corporate Recovery & Restructuring services provide you with a variety of options, including working with secured creditors, unsecured creditors and the Court.

Other Services

Sometimes solvent, well-run businesses encounter difficulties through shareholder disputes, incapacitated management or the death of senior management and require some form of assistance to overcome these difficulties.