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Survey Results October 2017

Financial stress has been linked to relationship troubles, depression, high blood pressure and even a decreased immune response.

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Rising Interest Rates Pose Challenge For Canadian Debtholders

With the Bank of Canada raising interest rates on September 6, debt holders across the country are left wondering what it means for them.

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Surprise Rate Hike Signals Time To Reduce Debt

Canadians considering taking on more debt over the near or long term may want to think twice.

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What Debt Collectors Can And Cannot Do

Managing a spiraling debt load is stressful enough without a constant barrage of phone calls reminding you that you’re behind on your payments.

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How Would It Feel to be Debt Free?

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness has never worked tirelessly for two weeks only to have an over drafted bank account swallow their entire paycheque...

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Big Purchase? What It Means For Your Credit

You’re at a dealership shopping for a used car. You’d hoped to pay cash, however nothing in your price range suits your needs.

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Preparing Your First Budget

If you’re planning on moving out for the first time, you’re likely experiencing a flood of emotions.

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When eliminating debt, a Consumer Proposal just one of the options outside of bankruptcy. So how do the others stack up?

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Too Much Debt Use This Rule To Find Out

Canadians are carrying more debt than ever, which has left many wondering if they might be in over their heads.

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