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Survey Results July 2017

Canada Day: A Time for Financial Reflection

Birthdays tend to be a time of celebration and reflection and Canada’s 150th birthday is no exception.

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Graduation A Time Of Financial Change For The Whole Family

While some of those challenges may seem far in the distance, they will be on your doorstep sooner than you think.

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Pay On Time And Cut Debt To Up Credit Score

In today's economic climate, with employment on shaky ground and an ever-increasing cost-of-living, many households have turned to credit in times of need to get them through financial binds.

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50 Of Canadians 200 Away From Broke

With the Bank of Canada holding interest rates at record lows, Canadians have felt confident utilizing credit freely, despite a struggling national economy.

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Will Unpaid Debts Simply (Poof!) Disappear?

As debt levels continue to creep, what happens when consumers can’t keep up with minimal payments, let alone being able to actually pay that debt down?

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Father’s Day: Budgeting Tips from My Father’s Generation

With Father’s Day around the corner, I find myself reflecting on some of the financial lessons I learned from my father over the years.

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Just $200 Could Throw 50% of Canadians into Financial Ruin

Pair soaring debt with a general lack of financial literacy throughout Canada and we’ve got ourselves a perfect storm.

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Keeping an Eye Out for Hidden Credit Card Fees

Having a household credit card or two can come in handy for multiple reasons – which is probably why there are approximately more than 43 million credit cards currently active in Canada.

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An Eternal Optimist

If you are experiencing financial difficulty, and can set aside any emotional bias preventing you from being able to make a rational decision in a timely manner, you will save both yourself and your household from significant stress and anguish.

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