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How will I afford it if my mortgage interest rate goes up one percent?

Mortgage rates are going up. How will you afford the increase in monthly mortgage payments?

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Why We Overspend (3 Minute Debt Break)

This time of year we think about festivities and fun with friends and family. And sometimes we do it without thinking about finances. Often finances are something we don’t focus enough on through the entire year because we have acquired bad financial...

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What rising interest rates could mean for you

Eight times a year, the Bank of Canada will make an announcement on the key interest rate, and if projections are correct, we are going to see interest rates rise. You could be thinking, what does that mean, how will it affect me, what can I do?

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Counting down our Top 12 tips of 2021

Children need more financial literacy training in schools, here’s why

Learning doesn’t just happen at school. Teaching children about money and how it works starts at home.

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What are some signs that I’m financially healthy

The average person spends most of their life chasing financial stability. We work, we get paid, and we spend our income on bills, household expenses, retirement savings — and, if we’re fortunate, maybe a little bit of leisure.

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What is lifestyle inflation?

“The more you make the more you spend” is a familiar phrase that describes lifestyle inflation. Lifestyle inflation happens when your expenses increase along with the increase to your income. It can become perpetual; every time your salary...

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The Red Flags to Watch for in Financial Health

In all aspects of life, we benefit from an ability to anticipate problems before they happen. Whether it’s in your relationships, your job, your health, or simply during your daily commute to work, you know instinctively to keep your eye out for potential...

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Seniors and Savings (3 Minute Debt Break)

Often we associate retirement with enjoying the fruits of our labors. But many seniors find themselves struggling financially even after decades of working.

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How does Bankruptcy work in Canada?

What is Bankruptcy? How does it work? And what are the alternatives? Let’s investigate.

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