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Consumer Proposal vs. Bankruptcy: What’s the difference?

Many Canadians may find themselves overburdened with debt due to various factors beyond their control.

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What you need to know about divorce and debt

The pandemic, childcare challenges, and the difficulties of spending much more time together during lockdowns made 2020 a difficult year for many couples.

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11 things you might not know about Consumer Proposals

If you’ve been researching options to manage and overcome your debt, it’s likely you’ve already heard about Consumer Proposals and may even have a basic understanding of how they work.

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How upcycling can benefit both the planet and your bottom line

We’re all familiar with recycling and it’s environmental benefits. It’s one of the three Rs of sustainability many of us learned in primary school, along with reduce and reuse.

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How a Licensed Insolvency Trustee Can Help with a Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal

You shouldn’t feel anxious every time the phone rings

Nobody plans to become overwhelmed by debt. But life happens. Speaking with a professional who understands where you’re coming from is a step in the right direction.

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How has COVID-19 impacted debt challenges in B.C.?

British Columbians have been through a lot in 2020 and 2021. The impacts of COVID-19 arrived suddenly and have been difficult to forecast. Some B.C. households have faced more challenges than others, but nearly everyone has experienced setbacks to some...

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Don’t let fear drive you away from Bankruptcy

What do Walt Disney, Elton John, and Larry King have in common? After filing Bankruptcy, these and countless other respected cultural icons all went on to achieve fortune, fame, and overwhelming success.

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What To Know Before Starting a Business 3 Minute Debt Break

Starting a new business is a great adventure. And since you’re running the show, it’s on you to make multiple decisions every day, especially the challenging financial ones. When you’re first starting out, money decisions can have huge...

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Are you ready to retire?

When you are considering your retirement goals, remember that having a plan to deal with your debt is just as important as planning for your retirement income. Planning your retirement income is something we are trained to do from a very early age. Planning...

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