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Interest rates are rising - how will you keep up?

The persistent rise in interest rates will have varying effects on your finances but how will you navigate this challenge?

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Six Reasons Why You Should Switch Banks When Filing a Proposal or Bankruptcy

In this installment, we’ll discuss why you should close your account because the bank is aware of your filing, and they continue to take payments from your account.

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Are you living within your means?

It’s easier than ever to spend more than we can afford. We pay for most purchases with a debit or credit card — or, increasingly, with the wave of a smartphone or swipe of a finger.

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How do I build and maintain an emergency fund?

Simply asking this question means you’re already on your way to financial health. Take a moment to congratulate yourself — recognizing the perils of unplanned and unexpected costs is a massive milestone and will mark a major turning point in your relationship...

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Having Multiple Credit Products Can Impact Your Credit Score

Many consumers wonder what creditors look at when determining whether or not to grant a loan. Of course, it is relatively common knowledge they look at our credit score to help make a decision, but the question that remains is, what other factors impact...

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4 tips make the most of your check up on the MNP Debt Scale

This powerful 14-question assessment tool puts those questions into a clear and quantifiable rating of your debt situation regardless what you earn or how much you owe.

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Owing the government money can be very intimidating as it's assumed the government has a limitless ability to collect the debt through any means necessary.

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How to Answer Debt Collectors

Managing debt repayment when you’re struggling financially is extremely stressful on its own, but when your creditors start to take a more aggressive approach and enlist the services of a collection agency, that stress can intensify quickly.

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DIY Debt Solutions: When They Work, and When They Don’t

Thousands of individuals across Canada are coping with financial stress, and addressing their increasing debt can be an overwhelming process. Personal debt has left them juggling bills, payments, and priorities without a clear path towards financial freedom....

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