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Seasons of Savings – How to avoid overspending this summer

It’s been a long, cold winter, and summer is finally here. It’s a season for seeing friends and family. A chance to travel to new and familiar places.

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How starting to save early can help relieve financial stress during the holiday season

Starting to save early can help ensure you stay within your budget and reduce financial stress in the New Year.

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Can your debt survive a Bankruptcy?

Filing for Bankruptcy is an option for those who are overwhelmed by debt. Bankruptcy provides you with protection from creditor actions and relief from most types of unsecured debts. But it’s not always that simple.

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Why checking your credit score matters

How well do you understand your finances? In commemoration of National Financial Awareness Day, we encourage you to understand your credit history and constantly monitor your credit score.

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How to budget when you’re unemployed

When you find yourself out of employment and unable to make ends meet, there are several steps you can take to navigate the situation.

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Bankruptcy can be an intimidating proposition, but it doesn’t have to be scary or complicated. Living with financial stress has many negative impacts, on your wallet, your mental health, and on your ability to plan for the future.

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Is there a stigma to Bankruptcy?

Let’s explore some of the stigmas around Bankruptcy, why you shouldn’t be afraid of this process, and how a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT) can help you on your journey toward a debt-free future.

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What are the pros and cons of a Consumer Proposal?

Let’s review what a Consumer Proposal is, as well as the pros and cons of filing a Proposal, to help you determine if it’s the right solution for your unique situation.

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How to include student loans in a Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal

Student loan debt has become a significant cause of financial burden on many post-secondary students in Canada. As the cost of education continues to rise, many students leave university or college carrying the burden of debt and the repayment process....

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