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It's true. But never forget, you're not alone. Every day our Licensed Insolvency Trustees work with people who have experienced debt problems in every way imaginable. This is their stories about situations that got out of control — leaving clients feeling scared, alone and exhausted. But for every story, there was always a solution, hope, and most importantly, a chance to start over again.

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Divorced person in yellow shirt overcoming their debt.


"There was hope for the future, something that had been missing for a long time."

Person who's become overwhelmed by debt due to overspending.


"As I walked her through each step, I could sense a massive weight come off her shoulders."

Person struggling with debt due to a decline in professional business.


“As he worked toward a fresh start, I watched his energy and vitality return.”

Person who's overcome their debt from an unexpected expense

Unexpected Life Expenses

“She always tried to do the right thing, but everything kept going wrong.”

Couple hugging because they worked together to decrease one partner's spending habits and get rid of their debt.

Spousal Overspending

“When a spouse breaks the financial trust in a relationship, it can be difficult to recover.”

Blue Collar person working through their debt.

Blue Collar

"I could tell they were doing their best considering all the bad news they’d been given."

Middle income family in debt trying to "keep up with the Joneses".

Middle Class Family

“I was able to see their anger turn to relief and that was my real reward.”

Person who had an addiction which lead to debt.


"One less stress, one less pressure so he could have a fighting chance to turn the rest of his life around."

Person who has recently gone into debt due to job loss and is working to overcome their debt.

Job Loss Unemployment

"Even for the most responsible people, life can change in an instant."

Small business owner happy to have overcome their debt due to troubles with their business.

Small Business Owner

“He told her if she wanted to save the business she would have to deal with the problem on her own.”

Young adult happy about overcoming their student loan debt and being able to start fresh in their new life.

Young Adults

“I haven’t even started my career and my life is a wreck.”

Senior couple hugging because they're finally out of debt.


“By the time you get to my age, you feel like your options have all run out.”

medical doctor

Medical Expenses

“Canadians don’t expect to choose between their physical health and their financial wellbeing — but it happens every day.”

Female professional holding a clipboard

Tax Debt

"Many people feel tax debt is inescapable. But in many cases, it is possible to find relief."

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