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Life After Debt

Whitepaper series reveals what’s next for consumers after receiving a financial fresh start

For most people, finally erasing unmanageable debt is like a welcome end to a challenging journey. But it’s also the beginning of a brand-new adventure. One that requires vigilance, discipline, and new skills to navigate successfully.

MNP’s Life After Debt whitepaper series investigates what comes after a Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal and reveals how you can pivot from a financial fresh start toward a lifetime of financial independence.

Life after a Consumer Proposal

The process can feel like a massive commitment, in both time and money. But it will all be worthwhile when you receive your certificate of full completion and have that load lifted off your shoulders. What will you do with all you’ve learned and some extra money in your pocket every month?

Life after a Bankruptcy

You’ve made significant sacrifices to see through a successful Bankruptcy. After everything you’ve had to deal with and pay for, you owe it to yourself to get the best. What comes next and how can you make most of this second chance?

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