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Personal Bankruptcy

When you’re overwhelmed by crushing debt, a personal bankruptcy will provide a fresh start and could be the Life-Changing Debt Solution you’re looking for. Choosing to file for bankruptcy is a serious decision which may not be for everyone.

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Learn more about your debt health by answering 14 questions. Use the MNP Debt Scale to better understand your relationship with debt, identify challenges, and offer solutions. The assessment is completely confidential, takes only five minutes of your time, and provides personalized outcomes suited to your unique situation.

Consumer Proposal

We understand why you’re worried. You have debt, but you may also have assets you wish to keep and the idea of filing for bankruptcy is terrifying. You’re thinking about long-term financial impacts and wondering how to avoid them. If this sounds like you, a Consumer Proposal may be just the Life-Changing Debt Solution you’re looking for.

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