Financial Literacy Month

The warning signs of financial trouble are everywhere, if you know where to look. Knowing what they are and how to recognize them can be the difference between quickly recovering from one or two bad months and being trapped in a months or years-long battle with debt.

Don’t let these unproductive habits and behaviours derail your financial future. If you notice any of these symptoms in your own life, you may need to take immediate steps to fix them and take the exit ramp off the road to poor financial health.


Understanding your financial health

Take a good, hard look at your financial situation to decide where to focus your efforts.


Know the tools available to you

You can learn a lot about your debt situation and your options by using some free self-service tools.


Choose your repayment plan

You know you want to beat your debt; the only question is how. Bankruptcy, Consumer Proposal, or full repayment?


Visiting your local Licensed Insolvency Trustee

Ready to talk to an expert? Congratulations! The best trustees are local.


What to expect when you file a Bankruptcy

It's a big decision, but it doesn't have to feel overwhelming. Everything you need to know about Bankruptcy.


Benefits of Bankruptcy

Don't be fooled by the stigma. Bankruptcy exists so you can get a second chance and a fresh start.


What to expect when you file a Consumer Proposal

If you have a lot of debt but also have a reliable income, a Consumer Proposal may be the right path.


Benefits of a Consumer Proposal

A Consumer Proposal can provide the relief and time you need to get your finances back on track.


Finally be free of your debt

You are discharged from your Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal. The time has come for a fresh start


Life after debt

Congratulations. Now it's time to apply the lessons you’ve learned to continue your life of financial freedom.

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