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Unmanageable debt is exhausting. Living in financial uncertainty while trying to maneuver multiple payment schedules at varying interest rates, paired with the harassing phone calls from creditors can be completely overwhelming. At MNP, we have been providing life-changing debt solutions to individuals struggling with unmanageable debt for more than a decade. These are the real stories of people, breaking free of fear, facing debt head on and achieving a fresh financial start.

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They have been so helpful in a really stressful time. They answered all my questions, were really patient with me and took time and explained the process extremely well. I definitely recommend them to anyone.

E D - Vernon, BC

Just happy Janick was able to help us, professional, great personality and made us feel comfortable from the start... she was able to help and get stress off our back by guiding us and helping us!!

Doreen Xxx - Moncton, NB

Laura answered all my questions and concerns and helped me manage my finances during a difficult time.

Chad Westrup - Moncton, NB

Previously I was a client of Credit Counseling Society as I really thought I could clear my debt in full. Unfortunately as Covid struck and prices increased, I was unable to keep up. I reached out to MNP and they were most helpful in relaying information and payments that I can afford. At 78 years of age I felt I was not going to be able to come to a compromise, but alas they have introduced me to consumer proposal which will satisfy my needs. Anne...

Bev McGovern - Kelowna, BC

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I have to take a moment to say a HUGE thank you to Janick Cormier from the Moncton office. When I met with her for the first time at the end of 2019 my world felt upside down. I was drowning in debt (some from bad decisions, some from unforeseen circumstances) and I couldn't figure out how to get out of it. It had been building for years and I never realized how it affected my life until I hit rock bottom. Janick explained my options really well and...

Anonymous Anonymous - Moncton, NB

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I was quite embarrassed and nervous about my current financial situation but after talking to Louis and going over my options I was at ease quite quickly. He was a great help and I never felt judged. I now look forward to my fresh start. Thank you Louis and MNP!

Anonymous Anonymous - Fredericton, NB

Hi, After a long period of financial problems cause by a latest end of relationship with my husband, I thought that I would never found a solution. Everything was a mess in my head! Lots of tears and my heart was beating very loud when my phone was ringing because I know someone will ask a solution to pay my debts and I didn’t have nothing to say because there was no solution... A friend of mine refer me to MNP to meet Janick. After only talking...

Anonyme Anonyme - Miramichi, NB

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I'd like to say thank you to these 3 wonderful ladies that helped me get out of a very deep hole. Tanya, Cheryl, and Kristine. I never thought I would ever fall into the situation of having to claim bankruptcy. I always had a good life and paid my way. However, I fell into a bad situation. My husband had a terrible accident and our income dropped by more than half. He was no longer able to work anymore. After that, my debt went from bad to worse quickly....

Anonymous - Red Deer, Alberta

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I was in so much financial pain when my ex left me and our children with all the bills to pay by myself. MNP relieved my stress by helping me make the right decision for my girls and myself. I will be forever in their debt for not having the stress anymore about phone calls and letters when there was nothing I could literally do but cry. Thanks again.

Jenny McConchie - , NB

I got financial advice and help when I needed it. I was treated with respect and felt like I wasn't being judged. Highly recommended.

K R - Fort St. John, BC