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Unmanageable debt is exhausting. Living in financial uncertainty while trying to maneuver multiple payment schedules at varying interest rates, paired with the harassing phone calls from creditors can be completely overwhelming. At MNP, we have been providing life-changing debt solutions to individuals struggling with unmanageable debt for more than a decade. These are the real stories of people, breaking free of fear, facing debt head on and achieving a fresh financial start.

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If YOU are suffering, suffocating, drowning under a wave of debt gone wild... Then you absolutely NEED to call MNP IMMEDIATELY! I did ... and life since then has been SO much better. With Leah Drewcock’s help, and the resources of MNP, I was finally able to get out from under the weight of an overwhelming, ever-growing (due mainly to accruing interest charges, by that point), and smothering debt load. It had been growing slowly for years –...

Al H. - Quesnel, BC

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I fell into some financial difficulty and was unable to keep up with my payments. I went to MNP and they helped turn my problems into a manageable financial solution. A big thank you to Linda, who was very knowledgeable and professional. I no longer feel stressed and am glad I reached out.

Anonymous Anonymous - Abbotsford, BC

Very knowledgeable in what they do. My rep, Baron Casto was very kind and understanding and also understood how to handle the delicate situation that was my personal case. He did it in a manner that dealt with my problem while preserving my dignity. He also processed my paperwork in a very timely manner. I would recommend MNP if you are ever in a situation where you are overwhelmed and need help navigating through what seems like a hopeless and complex...

Jacquelyn V. - Toronto, ON

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When I came to MNP I felt I was beyond hope. There didn't seem to be a way out of all of my debt. I was depressed and often thought I couldn't go on and I had no possibility of a future. My total debt was staggering and much of it owed to CRA. Like many people during the pandemic, my financial situation dramatically changed for a prolonged period and there didn't seem to be a way out. Alana at MNP was so kind, professional and made me feel like I...

Sara - Surrey, BC

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My husband and I hesitated for far too long as we were not sure of the consumer proposal being the right direction for us. We waited over 2 years and slowly drowned in debt before we decided to pursue the consumer proposal. After many phone calls and questions, Kiu patiently answered every single last one of them until we felt comfortable. Kiu was so supportive, understanding and professional throughout it all. We decided to go through with the consumer...

Anonymous Anonymous - Calgary, AB

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I was very lucky to have been directed to Linda when I sought out advice in helping me navigate my personal financial hardship. Linda is a professional to a tee, who guided me through my options, answered my questions, and completed the process of applying for a consumer proposal on my behalf in a thorough, and efficient manner that allowed me to drop any sense of shame I may have had about my circumstances. Above her services, I am grateful to Linda...

K. S. - Vancouver, BC

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I received my certificate of discharge from bankruptcy today. My finances are in order and I have learned a lot in 21 months which will serve me well in the years ahead. In the past, financial issues instilled fear in me, to the point where I basically froze and did not act in my own best interests. I lived with guilt and shame from not "taking care of business" which further complicated my life. From MNP staff I received the support needed to move...

Edward M - Sydney, NS

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Long story, my transportation business did not recover after Covid. There I was … zero income + a small pension + large debts. Great, what now ? My MNP accountant suggested talking to his Trustee colleague Linda Paul. I'm so glad I did. She so patiently and helpfully answered questions and provided advice and support. I filed for bankruptcy and now a great weight is off my back. I am grateful for and highly recommend Linda's service....

S L - Abbotsford, BC

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Tanya, Kristine, and Melissa were the ones to help me, they were all so understanding and helpful. They explained everything in detail and made sure I understood. I didn't feel rushed out the door, judged or like they were talking down to me, like I did with a few other companies that I inquired with. If you're having financial problems, go talk to them.

Anonymous - Red Deer, Alberta

We found ourselves in financial trouble, our backs were against the wall. We phoned the Red Deer MNP office. We waited way too long and should have done it sooner. The first phone call and we realized this is what we needed. They were all so kind and understanding. We didn't realize that we had options. Kristine and her staff took us through the whole process and we were so thankful for all their hard work. Always there when we text, not sure how...

Anonymous - Red Deer, AB

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