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Unmanageable debt is exhausting. Living in financial uncertainty while trying to maneuver multiple payment schedules at varying interest rates, paired with the harassing phone calls from creditors can be completely overwhelming. At MNP, we have been providing life-changing debt solutions to individuals struggling with unmanageable debt for more than a decade. These are the real stories of people, breaking free of fear, facing debt head on and achieving a fresh financial start.

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I have nothing but positive things to say about my 9-month-long experience with MNP LTD. When I saw the TV Ad with Dean Prentice and listened to what he had to say, I felt that MNP was the company I could trust to handle the devasting financial situation I was facing. I did call other companies, but Dean's personal, professional, factual, no-pressure information meeting which followed my initial call for guidance, made my decision to proceed with...

Jean - Kamloops, BC

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Hi Raylene, I would like this email to serve as a testimonial for anyone who is considering a proposal in bankruptcy or bankruptcy itself. A proposal in bankruptcy or a bankruptcy itself is a tough pill to swallow. I never thought I'd be in bankruptcy. I owned 2 successful companies and had embezzlements in both companies by different individuals. In the case of the one company, my administrator who was married to my nephew embezzled close to...

R. K. - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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Our debt problem had been overwhelming us for several years before we finally called MNP in Red Deer to see if there was any way they could help. Because we are well into our senior years, we weren't sure they could do anything for us. We just felt hopeless. We finally called and made an appointment to meet with an MNP representative. We are so glad we did - should have done it years before. The rep was professional, friendly and respectful. She...

Anonymous ' - Red Deer, Alberta

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I was in serious financial straits, and MNP provided the way I was able to come out the other side. While I did feel embarrassed, ashamed, and stressed to contact them, I was treated with the utmost courtesy and respect. Staff demonstrated empathy and compassion. Not once did I feel any judgement about my situation. When I had questions they were answered promptly. I found the review sessions useful, and the monthly expense submission form really...

Arensha G. - Victoria, B.C.

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Dear Tanya; I have been reflecting on the time that I was your client January 2020 and through a very difficult time as was the case before, during and after the pandemic. I would love your team to know how grateful I am for the work that you do, to treat clients such as myself as human beings. Reminding me that it is important to take responsibility for my actions, then to have the skills and the support that I needed to do that. Role modeling...

Carol P - Riverton, Manitoba

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We would like to share our experience of our Consumer Proposal with MNP and Wendy Mushansky. When we first met Wendy and explained our situation with our finances, her first words to us were “well you can sit here and beat yourself up over it or we can get to work and fix it”. That was the start of turning our lives around and regaining control of our finances. Wendy took all of our debt information and quickly came up with a plan for...

Anonymous . - Regina, Saskatchewan

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During my marriage, my husband had an addiction of sorts and spent all our money before it could even make it to the bank. This and other reasons led to the demise of our marriage and I had no choice but to file for divorce. Thankfully, I was working but he had left us with so much debt that I did not know how I was going to look after myself and our kids essentially on my own. I had to find a new home for us live and pay for the necessities of life...

M. R. - Carlyle, Saskatchewan

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When I first decided to file for bankruptcy, I was devastated. I felt I was in a deep hole and there was no way out. Never in 1 million years, would I ever think I would be in this situation. I thought my life was pretty much over. No way out. But then I found MNP. It was like a light appeared in my dark hole. And after speaking with the wonderful ladies at MNP, the light became brighter and brighter. With their kind words, and all their advice...

Grateful Relieved - Red Deer, Alberta

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Scrolling on my tablet one evening, I came upon your company's name. I bookmarked it and I'm sure I went back to it a hundred times. It took me a couple of weeks, but I finally sent the message. It was still one of the hardest things I have ever done, admitting to myself and someone else I was in trouble. From the moment I first talked to you and through the following months, I regained my self worth and confidence. You were always building me up...

Anonymous - Pilot Butte, Saskatchewan

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It does not matter what you, or your company requires from MNP. The efficient teamwork that goes into this business is "top notch", right from the lovely receptionist Sandi on up. The team is knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated to you, the client.

Leda N. - Red Deer, Alberta

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