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Unmanageable debt is exhausting. Living in financial uncertainty while trying to maneuver multiple payment schedules at varying interest rates, paired with the harassing phone calls from creditors can be completely overwhelming. At MNP, we have been providing life-changing debt solutions to individuals struggling with unmanageable debt for more than a decade. These are the real stories of people, breaking free of fear, facing debt head on and achieving a fresh financial start.

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Once more I want to extend my warmest thanks to you and the team at the MNP. My wife and I are two professional individuals that happened to be in a financial crisis back in 2011. You remember that we approached you then with almost no hope. Through your recommendations and guidance, we have managed to become debt free; something that I personally never thought would ever happen. The financial guidance that we received from you not only has helped...

Hamed A. - Toronto, Ontario

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We just wanted to send a sincere thank you for all the work you and the others from MNP who have worked on our case through the past two years. With your guidance and help you made our bankruptcy much easier to handle. We appreciate all you did for us to get us through and now we are finished the first step towards getting back on track. We will continue to do the budget system for our own guidance and can now saw with both of us back at work we are...

Denise - The Pas, Manitoba

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As painful as it is to realize you have no other options, declaring bankruptcy for anyone is a huge, but in my case, an inevitable decision. I wish I'd done it earlier, instead of battling an unwinnable war with creditors, throwing good money after bad. Now that it's over, mornings are much brighter (even with snow!). The day of my discharge is one of the more memorable days in my life, and it will never happen again. I thank MNP for its unbiased...

Peter Antonenko - Dawson Creek, BC

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This was one of the most stressful things I have ever done. Kiu Lau was excellent to work with. She was understanding and showed an appropriate level of empathy which helped me through my financial situation. Her guidance and ability to communicate the process was important to me and helped mitigate and calm me through these trials and tribulations. Her ability to bring a neutral point of view and to work through the mountain of paperwork was excellent....

Anonymous - Calgary, Alberta

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From the beginning I was very concerned of being judged/scrutinized for the decisions that had led up to my bankruptcy. Doug Stuive sat me down for my first and second consultation, he really helped me understand the process and helped with the worries, concerns and questions I had about filing for bankruptcy. He was very informative and helped me make the decision that was right for me by explaining all of the options I had available along with the...

Preston - St. Catherines, Ontario

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I feel fortunate enough to be able to express my thoughts and feelings for the wonderful work our Trustee did for us, she managed to transform our life for the better. At least I can do at the moment, to share some of my feelings and appreciation. I also feel very protected, which I believe is crucial when you end up in a critical situation in your life. Now all this started a few months ago when my spouse and I ended up in a very critical moment...

Daniel Morodvanschi - Grand Bend, Ontario

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I wish to state my thanks to MNP LTD, and David Gowling in particular; for the courteous, professional and personal services provided over the period of my financial difficulties. From 2011, all staff members I came in contact with made me feel respected and friend-like. The timely assistance and advice proved to save my dignity and desire to achieve a positive solution. This was achieved with the fulfillment of my consumer proposal financial requirement...

Douglas Swanson - Brantford, Ontario

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The situation was becoming ever more dire, and I couldn’t see a way out. I had approached several banks in an effort to consolidate my debts, but they all rejected my applications. I felt humiliated, anxious and powerless by the time I turned to Mr. Ouimet at MNP. However, from the moment I walked into his office, Mr. Ouimet was open and empathetic. He was quick to understand my dilemma and offered me solutions. My situation started turning around...

Anonymous - , Quebec

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Naida, How can we ever thank you for everything that you have done for us. We are so appreciative that you work for MNP and that you were brought into our lives. God only made so many angels and you are definitely one of them! ​ Because of you, we are able to enjoy this holiday season with our friends and family. It goes without saying that we could not have made it through this difficult time without your help. Thank you for being so understanding...

Anonymous - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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Good afternoon Vicky. I wanted to give you and your team at MNP, a huge shout out and thank you for all of your efforts, in helping me with my financial difficulties. I am finally able to sleep again!! A year ago, I was in terrible shape. I had been living with a financial burden for a few years and didn't know what to do next... I owed huge money to various credit card companies and to the government for back taxes.. I couldn't sleep,...

Jim W - Airdrie, AB

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