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Unmanageable debt is exhausting. Living in financial uncertainty while trying to maneuver multiple payment schedules at varying interest rates, paired with the harassing phone calls from creditors can be completely overwhelming. At MNP, we have been providing life-changing debt solutions to individuals struggling with unmanageable debt for more than a decade. These are the real stories of people, breaking free of fear, facing debt head on and achieving a fresh financial start.

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Katherine and Doug Stuive were wonderful to deal with. Everyone was very understanding and provided excellent service I am very pleased with the way everything was handled. It was discreet and professional. My only regret is that I should have done this sooner.

Anonymous - , Ontario

Helen Dowell is a lifesaver. From the first 5 minutes talking with her about our debt problems she set our minds at ease and relieved. Helen treated us like friends not clients. So glad we chose MNP for our debt solution. Thank you very much for all the positive reassurance.

Roger L. - Windsor, Ontario

MNP in St. Catharines helped me with my finances. They were always there to answer my questions. Everyone was friendly and I felt that they cared about my situation.

Anonymous - St. Catherines, Ontario

I would just like to thank your company and its employees who helped me through one of the worst times of my life. They treated me with dignity, which I felt I did not deserve. They made the experience bearable and helped me each step of the way. I am relieved it is now over, but will not forget your company and the wonderful people you have working there. So thank you again and I wish you all the best.

Richard Bloomfield - Woodstock, Ontario

I would like to thank MNP for all the help I received in my time of need. Their employees are very caring, trustworthy and compassionate towards all your needs. They stop creditor harassment and show you the most efficient way to budget your money. They are life savers and help with financial and peace of mind. I was under medical care for stress, now thanks to MNP my health has improved. Thank you MNP you are a God send and I am a very satisfied...

Anonymous - , Ontario

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The staff at MNP treated me like a person in need of help. They are great people. I am happy to have dealt with them.

Anonymous - , Ontario

Everyone's situation is completely different and very personal. The staff at MNP gave me clear and understandable options. After my initial visit with Linda, I left knowing exactly what I needed to do to have a "fresh start." During this process, there was always someone at MNP to answer any questions and help me along the way. Thank you MNP for being a big part of a new beginning.

Anonymous - , Ontario

The situation was becoming ever more dire, and I couldn’t see a way out. I had approached several banks in an effort to consolidate my debts, but they all rejected my applications. I felt humiliated, anxious and powerless by the time I turned to Mr. Ouimet at MNP. However, from the moment I walked into his office, Mr. Ouimet was open and empathetic. He was quick to understand my dilemma and offered me solutions. My situation started turning around...

Anonymous - , Quebec

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I wish to state my thanks to MNP LTD, and David Gowling in particular; for the courteous, professional and personal services provided over the period of my financial difficulties. From 2011, all staff members I came in contact with made me feel respected and friend-like. The timely assistance and advice proved to save my dignity and desire to achieve a positive solution. This was achieved with the fulfillment of my consumer proposal financial requirement...

Douglas Swanson - Brantford, Ontario

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I feel fortunate enough to be able to express my thoughts and feelings for the wonderful work our Trustee did for us, she managed to transform our life for the better. At least I can do at the moment, to share some of my feelings and appreciation. I also feel very protected, which I believe is crucial when you end up in a critical situation in your life. Now all this started a few months ago when my spouse and I ended up in a very critical moment...

Daniel Morodvanschi - Grand Bend, Ontario

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