"I would definitely recommend MNP to anyone I know who has to go through a bankruptcy claim."

As you might expect I was very nervous and ashamed to have to claim bankruptcy. I did the research for a number of different providers of this service and finally went with MNP because they were on a list of recommended service providers by a government website. I chose to go through an insolvency or bankruptcy because I was getting deeper in debt even though I had stopped using my credit card. My existing means of livelihood were not lucrative enough for me to get ahead of the growing interest rate of my debt. My age also played a factor - I'm in my 60's and earning potential time was running out quickly. I needed to get out from under the weight and wanted to discover what options where available to me. How I feel about the experience now? I would never want to go through it again. My MNP Councilor made it much more tolerable and I was expertly guided every step of the way. I would definitely recommend MNP to anyone I know who has to go through a bankruptcy claim. With the guidance of MNP I was able to become debt free and to learn so much about money management in order to stay free of debt for the rest of my life. Also, through the knowledgeable and compassionate support of my MNP Councilor I was invited to work through the stigma and the emotional, societal self-judgement I felt for my failure to management my finances to this point. No, she never ever used any of the phrases I used in the sentence above. P.S. It would be helpful if the numerical rating system below on this form were to let me know if 1 is lesser or greater than 5 on the scale. For that reason it was difficult to be accurate in rating my experience through that means.

Satiya Channer - Duncan, BC