Our biggest mistake was the day when we accepted a large line of credit from our bank, with no financial literacy it was easy for my husband and I to spend it until was impossible to pay it back. We ended up paying these large monthly payments just for the interest and nothing for the actual debt, we were just feeling how we were drowning little by little, and there was no way to get out, despite our numerous attempts to negotiate with the bank to pay them back, they just kept saying "we need our money". We lost our house, our car, our stability, our happiness, our peace by all these stressful calls at home and work, but the day when we had to sell our home, the realtor gave us the information of MNP, something that we didn't know existed. There was no doubt, that we wanted to pay every cent that we spent from that line of credit, but the bank made it impossible, until we had MNP on our side to advocate for us and make a deal with the bank. Now, thank God and MNP, after 5 years of making our monthly payments this proposal has finally come to an end. There were times when my husband didn't want to continue with the payments and I encourage him to continue, and vice versa. Today I can say that the only feelings that we have are: relief, peace, joy, gratitude and achievement. After this long journey learning a lot from this huge mistake, I can assure you that we will never put ourselves back in that dark place again, we are now having this fresh new start that we wanted so badly. Thank you, Kiu Lau, Sarah Forest and Kim Hawkes for all your expertise, help, and patience. Our wish is that you can also show to many others that are out there feeling hopeless, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for their financial problems, and we wish for all of them to experience this financial freedom and that they can get their lives back again.

Jenny H. - Calgary, AB

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