Con Tech Systems Ltd.

Filing Date: August 30, 2023

Sold: January 17, 2024

Invitation for Offers on the Assets of Con Tech Systems Ltd.

Con Tech Systems Ltd. was placed into Receivership on August 30, 2023 by Order of the Supreme Court of British Columbia, with MNP Ltd. being appointed Receiver. This company was a leading innovator and supplier of geo-technical support and construction technology solutions in North America. The Company was a supplier and product engineer in the areas of geo-technical solutions with key products including Strand, Hot Rolled Thread Bar, Hollow Bar, and other related items. Further information on the Company can be obtained at

As Receiver, we provide the attached Invitation for Offers (“Invitation”) on the Inventory, Equipment, and Trademarks of Con Tech Systems Ltd. In person viewings of the Assets can be arranged by appointment only from November 13, 2023 to November 24, 2023 (inclusive), during normal business hours on weekdays, by contacting the Receiver at [email protected].

All bids must be received by noon on November 28, 2023 in the form described in the attached Invitation, and submitted to [email protected].

Related Party Asset Sales

The building that Con Tech Systems Ltd operated out of at 8150 River Road, Delta, BC, is being offered for sale by the Estate of Mr. Aschenbroich. Further, certain Patents related to the work conducted by the Con Tech Group were registered in the name of Mr. Horst Aschenbroich (the former principal of Con Tech). Interested parties can contact a representative of the Estate of Mr. Aschenbroich at [email protected]

Con Tech Systems USA Inc. – The Con Tech Group also operated Con Tech Systems USA Inc., primarily out of Tacoma, Washington, USA. Con Tech Systems USA Inc is also in a Receivership process, and interested parties can contact the USA Receiver at [email protected].

Description of Assets

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Seamus Boyle