Team of people reviewing their corporate debt

Business Review

At the request of a company’s primary secured lender, MNP may be engaged to review the company’s current financial position and future business prospects, including an analysis of the secured creditor’s security position and the status and priorities of other creditors. Often this type of review (also referred to as a ‘Look-See’ or a ‘Viability Assessment’) is conducted as a first step to help both the secured lender and the company to arrive at a mutual arrangement for moving forward.

When a business is dealing with more debt than it can manage or struggling to keep up with financial obligations, it may be time to seek assistance. Having a full understanding of what options are available can be challenging. Should it be restructuring? Receivership? Liquidation? MNP LTD.’s Corporate Recovery and Restructuring team works collaboratively with businesses and creditors to develop effective strategies to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

As one of Canada’s leading firms in Corporate Recovery & Restructuring, our team understands when a business falters, it’s important to identify all options as soon as possible so the stakeholders can choose the best course of action moving forward.

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