Tis The Season To Be Spending

2016-12-23   minute read

Donna Carson

Lifestyle Debt

With the holidays around the corner, thousands of Canadians are racking up expenses on gift giving, party planning and family events. But with a struggling economy and unemployment plaguing several provinces, how are consumers able to dole out so many dollar? You guessed it! Credit. While credit can be an incredible tool for expenses in a pinch, relying on it to carry you through the holiday season can lead to hefty bills in the New Year, with interest rates only increasing your holiday spend even further. So what’s one to do? While covering holiday expenses with cash can put a dent in your bank account, it will help you stay within realistic spending and avoid piling interest rates come January. MNP’s Donna Carson recently spoke about holiday spending with CBC in anoriginal article​ published online on December 12, 2016.

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