“Talk With Our Kids About Money Day”

2015-04-15   minute read

Grant Bazian

Family at financial counselling

“Talk With Our Kids About Money Day”, held on Thursday April 16, is an important day to call attention to and an opportunity to talk with our kids and youth about money.

There are two components to the program:  the School Program and the Home Program.  The target for the School program is Grade 7 teachers and students.  On April 16, all grade 7 teachers – regardless of their subject area - are encouraged to have a lesson with a focus on a money topic. 

The Home Program targets parents and guardians with children of all ages.  The “Talk With Our Kids About Money Day” website provides parents and guardians with tools and resources, organized by age range, to start talking with our kids about money.

Let’s do our part to help our kids and youth learn about money and to effectively prepare them for the financial responsibilities that lie ahead.

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