Grant Bazian CIRP, LIT

President MNP Ltd


  • T: 7783742108
  • TF: 18773633437
  • F: 6049048628
  • 1021 West Hastings Street
    Suite 1600 - MNP Tower Vancouver , BC , V6E0C3

<p>Grant Bazian, LIT, CIRP is the President of MNP&rsquo;s Insolvency Practice. Based in Vancouver, Grant oversees all areas of MNP&rsquo;s Corporate and Consumer insolvency services from inception to completion, including bankruptcies, receiverships, proposals, CCAAs, business reviews, viability assessments, liquidations, and agency appointments. He also liaises with all MNP Licensed Insolvency Trustees on marketing, professional development, best practices, policies, procedures and expansion.</p>
<p>With over 23 years of experience, Grant has worked on many diverse projects, including forensic accounting engagements, forensic audits, dispute consultation, calculation of business interruption losses and shareholder disputes. He has also worked in a wide variety of industries, including retail, agriculture, forestry, manufacturing, airlines, marine, recreational, trucking, mechanics, home building, contracting, real estate, pharmaceutical, hospitality, entertainment, property management and diamond production.</p>
<p>Grant earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Alberta and an Honours Accounting Diploma from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. He is also a Government Licensed Insolvency Trustee and holds his Chartered Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals designation.</p>

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As Licensed Insolvency Trustees, we often see the worst-case scenario when it comes to personal finances. Most people are at the end of their rope by the time they reach my office – having struggled with every possible fix for their debt situations and seeing no other alternative than to file for Bankruptcy or a Consumer Proposal.


The collective pressures of increased interest rates, an uptick in consumer debt over the holidays, a stagnating economy and persistently high cost of living are making it difficult for Canadians to repay their debts.


According to a recent Ipsos poll conducted by MNP LTD., a growing number of Canadians are inching closer to insolvency – with the proportion who are $200 or less from being able to pay their bills each month (46%) rising six points since September.


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