Earth Day Eco – Friendly Ways To Save Money

2017-04-21   minute read

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“Don’t think you’re on the right road just because it’s a well-beaten path.” – Author Unknown

Earth Day is an excellent opportunity to reflect on the choices you make from many different perspectives. Earth Day is an annual event that is observed on April 22 of each year. This day is used to focus worldwide attention on our impact on our environment. It is a chance to consider decisions you make every day and the effect they have on our planet and your community. This is also a perfect time to consider how you can save the planet while also saving money.


Have you noticed the interest in tiny house living? There are TV shows, books and websites dedicated to this trend — tiny houses are usually considered to be less than 300 square feet. Many people are choosing to downsize dramatically in order to be able to afford their living expenses. Many who choose to live in tiny houses are mortgage free and the smaller homes result in very few material goods, due to the space constraints. Imagine living in an area the size of a typical bedroom! While this concept is not appealing to most, those that do choose this path are usually able to live within their means because their space demands it.

Remember when fashion used to change every season? Now it seems like it changes every week! The fashion industry has a huge environmental impact, both with it’s production and transport of goods. Consumers are inundated with advertising to purchase the most recent trends. Our purchases drive the industry. Maybe before making another purchase, ask yourself ‘do I really need five pairs of black shoes when one is sufficient? Or a new dress in the latest style when the one in the closet is still in perfect condition?’ If consumers were content with their current clothes, there would be no need to produce and sell more. And think of the money that could be saved!

Convenience is also impacting the environment. Marketing would have us believe that disposable items make our lives easier. Why waste time washing dishes when you can use paper plates and just throw them away? In reality, we are just throwing money away with the disposable items. Use real dishes and make it a family event to wash and clean up the kitchen afterwards. Save money and the environment while connecting with loved ones.

Just because you have always done something one way does not mean it should continue. Look at the impact that your decisions are having on the environment and your pocket book. See if you can make changes to help both situations. If the changes help you get ahead, congratulations! If you want to make changes but are struggling with how to break prior habits and press re-set on your financial and ecological footprint, contact a Licensed Insolvency Trustee at MNP Ltd. for a free, confidential, no-obligation financial consultation. Together we can discuss the options available to you so you can choose which route best suits your unique situation as you work towards a stronger, greener financial future!

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