Did Holiday Spending Leave You In A Financial Pinch

2017-01-30   minute read

Lifestyle Debt

As we roll into the New Year, many consumers across Canada are going to start seeing credit card bills come in and are forced to face the realities of just how much their holiday spending may have cost them. As Canadians struggle under the pressure of an ever-increasing cost-of-living and a sluggish economy, many find this time of year especially difficult as they try to navigate around the costs of debt.

While financial stress can feel completely overwhelming, relief may be just around the corner. Taking the time to do a thorough assessment and create a budget surrounding just where your money is going and how it equates to your incoming finances may give you a clearer idea of where to cut or mitigate spending to financial room for paying down your debt and working towards a more financially secure 2017.

MNP’s Lana Gilbertson recently spoke with the Kash Heed Show on Pulse 107.7 about the importance of facing our finances head on, controlling our expenses and taking the steps towards getting back on more stable financial ground. The conversation was posted online on January 2, 2017.


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