Blue Monday Not So Blue

2017-01-26   minute read

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The third Monday in January was coined ‘Blue Monday’ as it’s earned a reputation as being the most depressing day of the year. For many Canadians already low on Vitamin D after braving months of a Canadian winter, having bills roll in from holiday expenses can feel overwhelming to say the least. But facing holiday debt head on and paying down what debt you can while also developing (and sticking to) a realistic budget can help you avoid the late January blues and get yourself on track for a bright year ahead of you.

Darrin Surminsky, Licensed Insolvency Trustee, Senior Vice President and leader of MNP’s Consumer Insolvency group works out of our Kelowna office. He was on hand to speak with several leading news outlets regarding Blue Monday and the impact debt can have on its effects. Several of online articles and interviews are posted below:


Global News:

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