Best of Season 3 - MNP 3 Minute Debt Break

2023-05-22  3 minute read

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The third season of the MNP 3 Minute Debt Break podcast has come and gone, and now it's time look back at a few of our favourite episodes.

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Signs You Are Overspending

Household overspending is one of the most common causes of financial insolvency. It’s also one of the easiest to overlook. Overspending tends to creep up slowly and camouflage itself as a different kind of financial challenge. But once you know the symptoms, they’re almost impossible to ignore. You can eliminate overspending almost entirely by introducing just three straightforward techniques.

Signs You Are Financially Healthy

The average person spends most of their life chasing financial stability. We may not feel like we’re getting ahead, but for many of us that’s ok; as long as we’re not falling behind. What does it mean to be financially healthy, and how can you measure your own financial health?

What Happens If I Don't Pay My Taxes?

All debt can be overwhelming, but there’s no creditor quite as intimidating as the Canada Revenue Agency or CRA. This is why unfiled and/or unpaid taxes are two of the most common reasons self-employed individuals and sub-contractors seek the assistance of a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. The bottom line is if you have not filed taxes for several years or your tax debt is severely delinquent, you’re on CRA’s radar. The longer you avoid dealing with the situation, the worse it can get.

Financial Scams

Financial scams have been around for decades. But they seem to have never been as common, insidious and invasive as they are today. It’s easy to assume you’ll never fall for a scam. But we’re all vulnerable, and we can all become victims if we don’t know what to be aware of. Here’s a list of some common scams, why they’re effective and how you can protect yourself or a family member from being a victim.

Living on a Single Income

If you are one of thousands of families performing the financial balancing act of trying to get by on a single income, it can be difficult to make financial goals beyond your next payment. The good news is, with a lot of planning and a little bit of compromise, you can build towards a strong financial future.

Season four of the MNP 3 Minute Debt Break podcast premieres on June 5th, so stay tuned for more bite-sized insights on how you can better manage your debt and stay on top of your finances. 


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