Who Needs To Know About Your Bankruptcy

2012-03-19   minute read

Watch the video or continue reading below. A Bankruptcy with Many Assets In a bankruptcy, where there are significant assets, a notice is placed in the "legals" section of the newspaper notifying creditors of the date of the meeting of creditors.A Bankruptcy with Minimal Assets If there are minimal assets, the creditors are notified by mail only - there is no advertisement in the "legals" section of the newspaper. Any legal filing of a bankruptcy is a public document which the general public has access to.What Happens Next From this documentation, the Credit Bureau is notified and the bankruptcy is recorded and will remain on your credit record for 6 years. This does not mean that you cannot obtain credit during this time. Any granting of credit is the responsibility of the creditor to approve. For more information on the parties involved when filing for bankruptcy, pleasecontact me directly.

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