What Should You Take To An Initial Consultation With A Trustee

2011-10-04   minute read

Any MNP Trustee is prepared to meet with you in a free initial consultation to review all of your options to deal with your debt and credit issues. You can check the contact us link to find the nearest office. In order to make the meeting as productive as possible it is helpful to bring the following information to that meeting:A listing of your debts. You don't need to know the exact amount owing but a summary listing of your debts is very helpful. Please be sure to list both unsecured debts (credit cards, lines of credit etc.) and secured debts (mortgages, car loans etc.) separately.A listing of your assets. We don't need the details of individual pieces of furniture but we do need to know if you have a house, a car, RRSPs, other investments, a boat etc. It is very helpful to have some idea of the value of these assets as well so that we know, for example, if there is any equity in your house.A rough estimate of your income and expenses for a month. We need to know what your take home pay is in a month (both for you and any family members), any expenses related to alimony, child support, child care and a rough estimate of your other monthly expenses.   We do our best to review all the options available to you at an initial consultation. The more information you can provide us the better the discussion will be. However, if your information is incomplete we can still have a good discussion with you as well so don't hesitate to call. We are also prepared to discuss your situation over the phone or by email if a meeting is not possible or convenient. Ian Schofield MNP Regina 306-790-7904

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