What Information Should I Bring To An Initial Meeting With The Trustee

2009-03-17   minute read

The purpose of this blog posting is to describe what information you should bring to your first initial consultation with the trustee’s office. Please note that this initial consultation is free and that the information you bring does not have to completely accurate at this point. We try very hard to review all options with you at your initial meeting however, and the more accurate and complete information you bring the better our discussion will be. Basically there are three types of information you need to bring to the meeting: Information on your debts;Information on your assets; andInformation on your income and expenses. Information on your debts Please bring an accurate as listing as possible of all your debts, whether they are secured (a mortgage on a home, a car loan etc.) or unsecured (credit cards, lines of credit, etc.) Please list all debts even if you are not sure of the amount, or if you think they might survive a bankruptcy or a proposal (e.g. student loans where you have not been out of school for seven years). Information on your assets As you may know from our website, different provinces have different laws about what assets are exempt from creditors, and which are not. Please bring a complete listing of your assets and some idea of the value of each assets. We do not need, for example, a complete listing of all your furniture and household effects, but we do need to know if you own a house, one or more vehicles, RRSPs, a cottage etc. Information on your income and expenses As a minimum we need to know your monthly “take home” income and the number of people in your family. If you are not employed at a job with regular income, please bring an idea of what you expect your income to be going forward. If you are self-employed, it might help to bring a rough income and expense statement for your business. Please be sure to identify if you have to pay any expenses related to your employment, child support or alimony, fines or penalties imposed or medical expenses not reimbursed. If you are not able to provide the above information please do the best you can and please don’t let the lack of information prevent you from coming to see us and discussing your options. Ian Schofield MNP Regina 306.790.7908

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