Wage Earner Protection Now In Force

2008-07-10   minute read

Effective:     Became law on July 7, 2008 Purpose:    To provide payment of outstanding wages to individuals whose employers become bankrupt or are subject to a Receivership Eligibility:    A worker must have his or her employment ended as a result of his or her employer filing for bankruptcy or being subject to a  receivership, and that worker must be owed wages and vacation pay earned during the six months prior to the date of bankruptcy/receivership.     Officer and Directors of the Employer are not eligible. Benefit Amounts:    A worker may claim up to and receive from WEPP directly an amount equaling four weeks maximum insurable earnings under the Employment Insurance Act, currently about $3,000. Some exceptions apply. If you have questions, contactYvonne Sutton at: 250-979-1739 or contact your localMNP Trustee.

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