Undischarged Bankruptcywhat Do I Do

2009-02-24   minute read

If you remain undischarged from a 2005 bankruptcy, my first recommendation would be that you contact your Trustee to get a list of the outstanding duties that you have left to complete.  You need to obtain a discharge, otherwise you will always be "in bankruptcy."  You can also retain an insolvency lawyer to apply for your discharge.  But being that your Trustee is already familiar with your file, your cheapest route would be to deal with the Trustee. Do you know if your Trustee has obtained his/her discharge?  I would also recommend that you try to deal with this before the Trustee obtains their discharge.  Once their discharge is obtained, your creditors can start to come after you again. Again, my recommendation is that you contact your Trustee to work with them in getting your discharge.  Donna Carson, CGA, CIRP, Trustee Calgary, Airdrie, Drumheller regions 1.877.500.0792    [email protected]    

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