Thousands Of Albertans Left With A $200 Problem

2016-09-29   minute read

Grant Bazian

MNP Consumer Debt Index

View of Calgary skyline at sunset

MNP’s recent Consumer Debt Sentiment Survey has just been released and it’s painting a pretty sobering picture of just how hard Albertans have been hit by the recession. In fact, the survey revealed more than 60 per cent of people across the province say that after all their bills are paid, they are left with just $200 or less at the end of the month. Struggling from one payment to the next has sent many into a spiral of credit reliance that, left unchecked, could be a difficult cycle to get out of.

The MNP Consumer Debt Sentiment Survey was conducted by Ipsos Reid on behalf of MNP. CTV News Edmonton covered the survey in a recent video originally posted online at CTV News Edmonton on September 29, 2016.

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