Tax Debt: Your Questions Answered


s another tax season has come and gone, you may still have lingering questions regarding tax debt related to CERB, student loans, and collection calls. To answer your questions, and to learn about the options available to you, tune into our Tax Debt VLOG series below with MNP's Licensed Insolvency Trustees. 


Tax Debt: Are individuals coming in for advice related to CERB or EI overpayment debt?

Tax Debt: How aggressive has the government been so far at collecting CERB or EI overpayment debt?

Tax Debt: If their tax debt is overwhelming and they can't pay it, what options do they have?

Tax Debt: Student Loan Debt

Tax Debt: How should a person deal with collection calls if they've fallen behind on their debts?

Tax Debt: What are the features and benefits of filing for a Bankruptcy or Consumer proposal?

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