Wesley Cowan CIRP, LIT

Senior Vice-President


  • T: 5197727461
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  • F: 8557754111
  • 22 Frederick Street
    Suite 910 Kitchener , ON , N2H6M6

<p><strong>Wes Cowan, CIRP, MA, LLM </strong>is a Senior Vice-President (Partner) and Licensed Insolvency Trustee in the Kitchener Insolvency and Restructuring Group of MNP Ltd. Wes has nearly 20 years of experience in insolvency matters; 13 of those years as a federally licensed Insolvency Trustee.</p>
<p>Wes&rsquo; practice includes both personal and corporate engagements consisting of creditor and debtor initiated bankruptcies, proposals and receiverships. Wes has a diverse range of insolvency experience in the retail, construction, manufacturing and service industries. With a focus on restructuring as an initial position, Wes has often found alternatives to bankruptcy that benefit both debtors and creditors alike. In addition, Wes has a unique perspective on tax related debt given his former role as a collections officer and auditor with the Canada Revenue Agency (Revenue Canada).</p>
<p>Wes and his team serve clients not only from the Kitchener office, but also from the Waterloo and Cambridge MNP offices, and a range of satellite offices in Stratford, Woodstock, Tillsonburg, Guelph, Mount Forest, Listowel and Owen Sound.</p>
<p>Wes recently completed a Master of Laws degree (LL.M.) at Osgoode Law School specializing in Bankruptcy and Insolvency.</p>

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