Tax Debt Mnp Ltd Can Help

2013-03-26   minute read

As we enter tax season, many of us have a sense of dread. Whether it is from an improper management of self-employed earnings, a failing business venture, or several years of not filing your returns, the amount owed to the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) can seem insurmountable. Many individuals think that there is no way to reduce or eliminate the burden of their tax debt. While struggling to make those payments, regular consumer debt increases as reliance on credit increases for normal household expenses. If your credit situation prevents you from qualifying for a loan to pay out the CRA, or the amount owing to the CRA is too high to obtain a bank loan, there is another alternative. Debt owing to the government can be included in both a bankruptcy and consumer proposal. This would include debt owing for GST returns, personal income tax debt, amounts owing for payroll or other source deductions and even amounts owing to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation for the shortfall on the sale of a property. At MNP LTD., our team has been helping individuals with both consumer and CRA debt for more than 30 years. We have experienced financial counsellors in your community who can meet with you in person to go over your options. The initial consultation is always free and confidential. Our trusted advisors will work with you to choose the path that is best for your unique situation, from consumer proposals and debt consolidation, to filing for bankruptcy MNP can help. Let next year’s tax season come with a sense of relief.Call MNP LTD. today, so we can help free you from the burden of debt.

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