Seasons of Savings: Tips to Manage Your Budget This Spring

2022-04-13   minute read

Tina Powell

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The sun is shining a bit longer every day, giving people that sense of renewal that comes along with the fresh air. Spring is definitely a mood-booster after a long winter and puts a pep in your step to get things done that you may have been putting off. Spring is also a season of change; if you’re ready for a change, now is the time. Let us help you think about fresh ways you could be saving money this season.

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Take a Trip on Transit

Everyone who relies on a vehicle knows about “pain at the pumps” as the cost of fuel rises along with everything else. Many people don’t want to give up their personal vehicles because of their convenience, but if you know your wallet is strained just from trying to keep your tank full, think about switching to taking a bus or train to work or for running errands.

Learning your city or community’s transit routes is a great way to save some money on gas, while also taking in the sights and seeing your town with fresh perspective. You’re not obligated to commit to it everyday either. Taking transit 1-2 days a week instead of 5 could make gas considerably more manageable on your monthly budget.

Walk for Health and Wealth

We all know the benefits of walking for your health, but there is more to walking than just spending time in nature and meeting neighbourhood dogs! Many of us drive to places where we could easily walk, simply to save time. We already talked about the rising cost of fuel, so it makes sense to find the extra 20 minutes to walk instead of drive. Walking to the store for your groceries daily will also allow you to contemplate how much you want to carry home, stopping you from making impulse purchases that won’t fit in your reusable bags.

Walking or using transit also means less wear and tear on your personal vehicle, which can get expensive.

Update Insurance

Consider working with your insurance broker to save on premiums for your car, house, or apartment rental. If you have more than one asset to insure, are they with the same provider? If not, you could be missing out on monthly savings by not doing business with one company. So if you’re coming up for renewal this Spring, ask your broker about consolidating your insurance to one provider.

Other things to mention to your broker that may allow you more savings: if you’ve been working from home and commuting less, or if you decided to switch out a day or two a week to take local transit instead of driving your personal vehicle.

Family Fun Days

Libraries and community recreation centres are a fantastic resource for free family fun! Check out your town hall or local library’s websites that likely have a calendar for all-ages events such as arts and crafts, plays, reading groups, scavenger hunts, movie screenings, and various cultural events.

Those looking for additional support resources can also take advantage of language or literacy courses, tax clinics, fitness classes, and breakfast programs.

MNP is here to help

If you want to undergo a financial fresh start this Spring, but feel your debt is preventing you from doing so, don’t hesitate to ask for help. A free, no-obligation consultation with your local MNP Debt office can help you find opportunities to save money and relieve financial burdens.

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