Reviewing Debt Problems By Telephone

2013-05-10   minute read

Bradley Milne

Hello,   You are always welcome and invited to contact an MNP Trustee in your local area to ask questions and learn more about the options best suited to address your unique financial situation.  The initial consultation with our office is free.

Ordinarily a Trustee in Bankruptcy / Proposal Administrator is required to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your financial situation in person.  However, there are situations in which this process may be completed by telephone.  The most common situation relates to those people living in northern or remote areas. For example, in Manitoba anyone who resides north of the Dauphin/Ste Rose du Lac area may have their financial situation reviewed by telephone or other related means.  There are no Trustees located in Dauphin, Swan River, The Pas, Thompson, Flin Flon and other northern areas and on this basis the process is typically completed by telephone.

Another example, although less common, would be a person with a medical issue that prevents them from leaving home or traveling in general.  In this case, the Trustee could either attend your premises or get permission from the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy to complete a “remote assessment.”

Whether an assessment of your financial situation is completed by telephone or in person, you should have available a list of your debts (recent account statements are helpful) and assets, recent pay stubs, and an idea of your monthly income and expenses.  The Trustee will likely have at his or her disposal, a method of placing a value on your vehicle or other assets such as a sled or motorcycle (e.g. Black Book).  If you own your home and have recently had the property appraised by an appraiser or realtor, you should advise the Trustee of this information as well.  Using this information the Trustee will work with you to determine the options available to resolve your financial difficulties. Being honest about your situation right from the start will enable you to receive the best advice possible and facilitate a smoother bankruptcy or proposal should this be necessary.

Of course, if you just have a few questions, we invite you to contact us with those as well. 

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