Orderly Payment Of Debt Wont Work How Do I File A Proposal

2010-01-27   minute read

The next step in order to file a consumer proposal would be for one of our counsellors to gather some information from you and explain how a proposal would work in your specific instance. If you have the information that you gave to the credit counselling agency, that would likely be all of the same information we would need.  Who are your creditors and roughly how much do you owe them?  What kinds of assets do you own? What does your current budget look like? Based on this...we can calculate what your payment would be in a proposal and how long we think it would be for.  (You can use a maximum of 5 years in a consumer proposal). We would also calculate how a bankruptcy would work in your situation.  I know this isn't the option you're taking..... but we show you how much your creditors would get in a bankruptcy.   And compare that to how much would be a reasonable offer to make in a proposal. If you like, contact me directly.   Or locate one of our counsellors or Trustees in your area.  They can be found on our website at Click here Donna Carson, CGA, CIRP, Trustee 1.877.500.0792    [email protected]    

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