Opposition To Bankrupts Discharge Fraud Issue

2008-11-02   minute read

I'm not completely sure from your comments, but it sounds like a creditor has opposed your discharge from bankrupcy, that the reason for the opposition was an that the creditor is alleging fraud on your part, and that the court has heard your discharge application and has "adjourned" or put the matter off to some future date. There is no specific time limit requiring a court to deal with your discharge within a certain period of time.  A common reason for the court to adjourn your discharge hearing is that the parties (you, the opposing creditor, and/or the trustee and possibly the Superintendent of Bankruptcy) haven't been able to provide the court with enough information for the court to make a decision about your discharge and/or the fraud issue.  If a creditor succeeds in proving that your debt to them arose through through fraud, that debt will not be extinguished by your bankruptcy - you will be expected to pay it even after you are finished your bankruptcy and discharged. If you're wondering how long a creditor has to obtain a court ruling of fraud, there may be some protection for you under the Statute of Limitations, but you should see a lawyer to get information on this. Judy A. Scott Vancouver - Port Moody - Abbotsford 604-949-2113

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