No Job No Assets 20000 Of Debt

2009-08-23   minute read

 If you have no income and no assets, and if you've been honest in your dealings with creditors, there really isn't much the creditors can to to collect from you except make your life unpleasant with collection calls.  Even if they go to court and get a judgment against you, you don't have any income they can garnish and you don't have any assets they can seize.  If your situation isn't likely to change, the creditors will eventually give up and write off the debt (this will take a while).  This is typically referred to as being "judgment proof" or "creditor proof." However, if you do expect to have income or assets in the future (but not enough to pay your debt), you may want to get the debt cleaned up so that you're not facing a garnishment as soon as you start working.  About the only type of protection that's going to work for you in your current situation is a bankruptcy.  The challenge you have in doing a bankruptcy is paying the cost of the process.  The costs are set by law and are quite manageable for most people, but if you have no income, most trustees will not be willing to put you on a monthly payment plan for the fees. There is a Bankruptcy Referral Program administered by the Superintendent of Bankruptcy which may be of help.  If you are unable to get a trustee to take on your file, under certain circumstances the Superintendent will appoint a trustee to do your bankruptcy (you cannot choose your trustee under this program).  The Superintendent does not, however, pay for your bankruptcy.  You may still have to pay something in towards the costs.  Ifyou want to find out more about this, call 604-666-6007 and ask about the "Bankruptcy Referral Program." If you want to give me a call, we can see if you do, in fact, need a bankruptcy and, if so, what payment arrangements might work for you. Judy Scott - Trustee Meyers Norris Penny Limited British Columbia 604-949-2100 [email protected]

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