No Assets No Income How Do I Do A Bankruptcy

2010-10-19   minute read

If you have no income and no assets, you are "judgment proof", meaning that there really isn't anything creditors can do if you're unable to pay.  They will take collection action, but you don't have anything they can seize and you don't have any income they can garnish.  However, if you plan to have income or assets at some point in the future (and if you still wouldn't be able to pay the debts based on your future income), you may want to do a bankruptcy now to deal with things. If you have no income, most trustees will require that you pay the cost of the bankruptcy up front.  If you're receiving GST/HST credits, however, paying the full amount up front may not be necessary because your GST/HST credits may cover part of the cost for you.  You should contact a trustee to discuss this. If you need a bankruptcy and can't afford one, call the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy at 604-666-5007 and ask about the "Bankruptcy Referral Program".  This program gives you access to a bankruptcy even if you can't afford the cost.  You may still have to pay something, but at least you can get access to the process if you need immediate help. Judy Scott Trustee Meyers Norris Penny Limited Port Moody - Burnaby - Maple Ridge, BC [email protected] 604-949-2113

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