National Addictions Awareness Week Naaw

2015-11-20   minute read

Donna Carson

November 15-21, 2015 is National Addictions Awareness Week (NAAW) in Canada. Every year, organizations across the country observe this important week and do what they can to help those who may be struggling with addictions, while raising awareness and sharing information as to how family and friends can create support networks. National Addictions Awareness Week is an opportunity to learn more about substance abuse and addictions, to discuss and understand the problems that addictions can create and also to increase skills and strategies to help those who may be supporting someone fighting addictions. After all, addiction can affect not only the individual but also their family and colleagues.

There are many empathetic and dedicated agencies throughout the country who can help people struggling with addictions or the family of someone who is.

At MNPDebt, we can offer assistance in a couple of areas. Our Trustees and Counsellors‎ all have knowledge of people and agencies to refer people to. Whether it be drugs, alcohol, gambling, spending or depression, there are many resources available to offer help. Our government-licensed Trustees have helped many people over the years by referring them to agencies that are experienced with addictions. Many of the regions in which we are located are also setting up as a list of agencies in their region.

Another area we at MNPDebt can help is with your debt. Sometimes, addictions can be the cause of unmanageable debt loads. And there’s the additional stress that comes with being stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of debt. That stress certainly won’t help in the fight against addiction. Debt can be a significant cause of stress, often even leading to the point of depression. While we can't always make all of that go away, we can come up with ideas to help you achieve a fresh financial start. There are several different options we can review and guide you through, providing you the debt relief you need to be able to focus on addiction recovery.. 

We encourage you to check out any NAAW events that may be going on in your region to learn more about addiction, support networks and available resources to assist you or someone in your life with addiction recovery. ‎

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