MNP Ltd. Regina Wins the 2015 Consumer Choice Award – Bankruptcy Trustee

2015-04-01   minute read

Pamela Meger


Ian Schofield and Pamela Meger, the Trustees who manage our Insolvency Services practice in Regina are very pleased to announce that MNP Ltd. has been chosen as the Consumer Choice award winner for the Regina area in the 2015 Bankruptcy Trustee category.  The Consumer Choice award winners are determined by an independent survey of over 1000 residents of the area. We believe our win in this category reflects our commitment to meeting the needs of individuals seeking our help and making sure that all options are fully explored. At MNP, we understand that everyone’s circumstances are unique and often refer those in financial difficulty to other options during our no-charge, confidential consultations. Compassionate and professional, we are truly honoured to be recognized for our approach and commitment to helping people get back on solid financial ground.

For further information on the Consumer Choice Awards see their website at

For further information on MNP Ltd.'s Regina Practice call 310-DEBT (3328) or visit the Regina office page.

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