Im In Bankruptcy But Want To Pay My Debts What Can I Do

2010-10-25   minute read

 Once you have filed for bankruptcy, your options would be to: - obtain a discharge from that bankruptcy - if you still remain in bankruptcy and your circumstances have changed, you can look at filing a proposal. From your email, I'm gathering that things have changed since you filed for bankruptcy. And you now have the ability to repay your creditors. An undischarged bankrupt can file a proposal to repay his debt. If successful, this would annul your bankruptcy. It would leave the proposal on your credit rating for 3 years from the time you complete it....rather than the bankruptcy for 6 or 14. This proposal can be filed with another Trustee if you like...doesn't have to be your current Trustee. Give us a call if you like to discuss this option further. Our Trustees can be found on our site at Or contact me directly below. Donna Carson, CGA, CIRP, Trustee 1.877.500.0792 [email protected]

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