If Someone Is Still In Bankruptcy And Is Offered Employment Overseas Can They Ta

2011-08-05   minute read

Hello, Yes I have had cases where individuals have filed an assignment in bankruptcy and then moved to another province or country.  There is nothing in the legislation that compels you to remain in the jurisdiction in which you filed for bankruptcy. That being said, there are some practical things to consider so that you remain on track to obtaining your discharge.  Firstly, you must keep the Trustee advised at all times of your address and phone number.  You might also try to get your required debt counselling sessions completed before departing, otherwise the Trustee may have to seek permission to have your counselling sessions conducted by telephone.  You could have your counselling sessions completed by someone outside of the Trustee's office, however, they must be conducted by a qualified counsellor who is approved/registered with the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy.  Your monthly income and expenses reporting can be done by mail or facsimile.  Similarly, payments can be mailed to the Trustee, however, they may also be set up for direct payment from your bank account. In conclusion, I would suggest that you discuss the possible relocation with your Trustee so any unique issues can be addressed prior to your departure. Brad Milne, CIRP Trustee in Bankruptcy Brandon, Manitoba          

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