If A Small Corporation Declares Bankruptcy Is It Made Public Information If It I

2010-11-22   minute read

All insolvencies, bankruptcy or proposal, personal or corporate, business or non business, are a matter of public record. The information is located in a database maintained by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy. An online search may be conducted (for a small fee) by anyone. Also, all insolvencies are reported to the various credit reporting agencies, the best known being Equifax and TransUnion for personal matters and Dun & Bradstreet for business matters. The information is available to all subscribers to their respective services. Finally, all personal bankruptcies with expected asset realization of $15,000 or more and all corporate bankruptcies are printed in a local newspaper. If you require any additional information please contact one of the MNP trustees conveniently located near you. Marvin Zweig CA-CIRP, Trustee Markham, Ontario

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