I Living With A Second Time Bankrupt Who Filed A Year Before We Moved In Togethe

2011-05-24   minute read

The individual who is bankrupt will be submitting monthly income and expense statements to the Trustee.  This statement should reflect the income and expenses of the household.  As such, your monthly EI benefits should be recorded on the statement as well as any expenses you have incurred.  Tax refunds would not be documented on the statement as this is not considered income. Your income would have an indirect effect on the surplus income calculation.  The calculation is based on the percentage of household income accounted for by the individual in bankruptcy.  If household income increases or decreases, the amount the individual is required to pay may increase or decrease. I would suggest that your spouse contact their Trustee if they have specific questions about how the surplus is being calculated in his or her bankruptcy. Brad Milne, CIRP Trustee in Bankruptcy Brandon, Manitoba

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