How Do I File For Bankruptcy What Is The Process That I Will Go Through

2010-03-19   minute read

Hello, the first step in the process is to meet with a Trustee in Bankruptcy who will conduct an assessment of your situation. In most instances, at least this is the case at Meyers Norris Penny, the initial consultation is free. You should bring a list of your debts (recent account statements are helpful) and assets, recent pay stubs if available, an idea of your monthly income and expenses, and any other material you believe to be relevant. Using this information, the Trustee will work with you to determine the options available to resolve your financial difficulties as well as the merits and consequences of each. The assessment must be done in person with a few exceptions. For example, if you live in a remote location, the assessment may be completed by telephone subject to the Trustee obtaining approval from the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy. If you refer to the “Contact Us” section of the homepage and then choose the relevant province, you will be able to identify and contact a Trustee in your local area. Brad Milne, CIRP Trustee in Bankruptcy Brandon, Manitoba

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