How Common Is It For Credit Card Companies Or Loan Companies Such As Wells Fargo

2010-04-14   minute read

Hello, I'm not aware of any specific threshold that must be reached before a creditor will consider initiating court proceedings that would lead to garnishment.  Certainly the greater the amount owed, the more likely a creditor is to consider a garnishment of wages. As mentioned in yesterday's blog on this topic, there is a process to follow before your wages can be garnished.  A creditor first must obtain a judgment from the court.  You would have to be served with notice of the court proceeding in advance of any action being taken.  If this has not occured, it would suggest that there is no immediate threat of this happening.  This assumes they would know your current address/whereabouts for serving such a notice. Brad Milne, CIRP Trustee in Bankruptcy Brandon, Manitoba

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