Holiday Spending Mnp Can Help

2013-11-29   minute read

For most individuals meeting monthly expenses while covering the costs of the holiday season make this a difficult time of year. Just take a walk on a Saturday afternoon through your favourite shopping mall and you are constantly reminded that there are only a few weeks left before Christmas. We become caught up in the moment and before we know it, the credit cards come out and we are spending, spending and spending. Before we start spending let’s stop and consider some practical solutions to getting the consumer through this season with less stress, and more money left in their pockets. Helpful Hints:Review your income and basic household expenses. If you have not been putting money away each month in anticipation for Christmas, you may not have any savings to draw from. Determine the amount you can afford to spend on gifts without using a credit card or affecting any of your bills from being paid.Make a list of family and friends and set an amount to spend for each person. The plan is to stay within your budgeted amount. If money is limited then restrict your list to only the closest of family and friends. Do not feel obligated to buy a gift. Many people are having difficulty making ends meet. Tell your friends and family that you are reducing your spending this year and take the pressure off yourself, and them.Talk to your friends and family and agree to set a limit on the amount spent on gifts between the two of you. This helps you to stick to your budget and resist the urge to spend according to their financial ability instead of yours.Review the store flyers so you will be armed with the best prices and gift ideas. Mark these down on your list. If you find an item to purchase and you know it is cheaper in another store, ask the store manager for the same price.For holiday gatherings, assign your guests a dish to bring, or make it a potluck.For those creative individuals, making gifts such as homemade jams, slippers, and scrapbooks, can save a lot of money. These types of gifts are often more meaningful and appreciated.Start a fun and more inexpensive family tradition by suggesting a group gift exchange. If everyone buys one gift of a specified value and then together the family can each get a gift either by drawing a number or by some other fun way of distributing the gifts. Another tradition is to give the gift of time together by planning fun "dates" with close friends or family instead of buying a traditional gift.Sometimes the best gift is the gift of time. Enjoy the company of loved one’s over a cup of cocoa, a favourite movie, or by sharing stories. Creating memories and traditions doesn’t need to cost a lot- it just takes time. Even if you follow these shopping tips, the stress and anxiety of struggling to meet your existing obligations to creditors can make the added stress of the holiday season even more difficult. If you are carrying debt that is too high for you to maintain and you can no longer continue to meet you payments to your creditors, seek help from the experts at MNP. Our trusted advisors will meet with you in person to discuss how we can put an end to your debt struggles. With your debt troubles resolved, you can truly enjoy this holiday season by focusing on time with family and friends, instead of on collection calls and debt payments. Give yourself the gift of peace of mind and call MNP today to schedule a free consultation.

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